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      August 24, 2023
      Articles By Truspace

      Trove | Vancouver

      The stunning two-storey Trove building in Vancouver, BC, designed by Truspace.

      Hana Bank Canada | Surrey, BC

      Light and airy, the new Korea Exchange Bank in Surrey, BC showcases the banks brand beautifully, in a design build project ...

      UFA | Calgary

      The welcoming lobby of UFA Calgary, with moveable walls and impeccable style, combines a re-design look with functionality.

      Waygar Capital | Case Study

      Located within a legacy Toronto building, Truspace designed a new space for Waygar Capital with a modern, contemporary and ...

      Peace Hills Trust - Corporate Office | Edmonton

      Tasked with re-inventing Peace Hills Trust's Edmonton corporate office, the result is a stunning masterpiece showcasing ...

      Capital Direct | Calgary

      The bright and open reception area of the renovated Capital Direct Calgary office, a large space that Truspace designed to ...

      Reeves Dental School | Edmonton

      Combining functionality with a warm atmosphere, Reeves College was completed on a tight schedule, with Truspace working ...

      Face Skin & Body Spa | Calgary

      A bold but inviting spa located in Calgary, FACE Skin and Body was designed and managed from start to finish by Truspace.

      Ross & Sylvestre | Edmonton

      Designing for a brand new building, Truspace managed to create a lived-in feel for Ross & Sylvestre, with a two-toned ...

      McCoy Global | Edmonton

      Using a modern color palette with bold textures and coordinating finishes, Truspace incorporated much of McCoy Global's ...