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Jun 27, 2019 Truspace

Truspace Difference

Truspace is an interior full-service design and construction firm that is known for driving creativity and strategy to provide an ideal, innovative, and functional work environment. We design a wide variety of interior spaces that inspire office culture, improve office productivity, and encourage friendly collaboration. With teams located in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton, we have completed projects nationwide for small, medium, and large size corporations. Our team of in-house designers and construction team is ready and willing to turn your workplace into a productive haven.

What sets us apart?

At Truspace you have access to a diverse set of passionate, hardworking, and creative expertise, that is committed to designing the model space for each client’s needs. We will bring your project to life and dare to challenge the status quo with innovative solutions and design-based thinking. We guarantee that our untraditional approach towards interior design will positively impact any team and any business.

Our breathtaking office layouts and organizational planning take wellness and productivity to new heights. When you choose Truspace to design and build your custom interior, you are choosing a detailed and comprehensive process that takes your company’s unique needs into consideration. Our custom design will create an ideal environment for your organization’s growth and success. Truspace uses a streamlined approach combining the expertise of an interior designer, project manager, and full range construction team. This way, you’ll never have to worry about the difficulties and uncertainties of balancing the needs of designers and a handful of contractors. We’ve made the process easy for you and we’re willing to work as hard as we can to impress you with a flawless space. We tend to have long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients that go beyond the design and construction phase; our dedicated aftercare program offers a full one-year warranty, guaranteeing that we will handle any issues to make sure you and your business are affectively satisfied.

How Truspace can help you save time and money?


Invest in the future

Many people incorrectly assume that hiring an interior designer is a luxury that is exclusive to big companies with a great deal of expendable income. However, good interior design is one of the core building blocks of a successful business. Successful companies know that a flawless and well-designed office is a worthy, long-term investment that boosts a company’s sales, wellbeing, and profits. Imagine giving your clients the flawless first impression; a swanky modern kitchen that will encourage interdepartmental friendships, or well-positioned décor that invites both tireless work and creativity; when thinking of all the benefits, it’s worth it. Designing a corporate workspace without the help of professionals is a tireless and challenging task; mistakes can be made without decades of interior expertise, and what was meant as a long-term investment can quickly turn into a counterproductive short-term expense. Truspace will bring a cohesive look to your project and make decisions in alignment with your company’s vision and budget to upgrade your office into the perfect place to impress and inspire clients, coworkers, and investors.

Insider knowledge

Think about the days, weeks, or even months that you may spend searching for the layout setting, lighting fixtures or other countless design elements that you need. Partnering with us means partnering with experts of the industry, who can revolutionize the corporate workspace for the best prices possible. Thanks to Truspace’s hard-earned reputation, contractors and suppliers know to offer us discounts not available for the public market nor to other design firms.

Our extensive experience has also made us very knowledgeable about brands and craftsmanship; we know how to distinguish high from low-quality essentials and will point you directly to the best furnishings that fit within your budget. We have a database of all styles of wares, appliances, and décor, so you can expect to get exactly what you imagine for the best price anywhere.

Project oversight

Ontracks Office Design Case StudyWhen a project isn’t thoroughly supervised, there is a higher chance for it to go over budget and past its due date. That’s why our team remains continually involved during the construction or renovation phase; we are masters of preventing issues, and we are ready to help regardless of circumstance. Our proven design and construction process means that we’re your only point of contact; we will take care of everything from the conception to the construction phase. Office space design requires a good understanding of building codes and standards to be respected. Our team is very knowledgeable about these codes and will ensure your workspace design meets the national building code requirements. Truspace will act as the guiding voice on the project, keeping it running smoothly and making sure your vision is authentically represented.

Get ready to have the workspace that your business truly deserves!

Published by Truspace June 27, 2019