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Office Space Planning

Truspace provides office space planning in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Contact Truspace today for a consultation with one of our interior designers.
Most people consider office space planning to be all about ensuring your workers, equipment, furniture, and resources can fit well into your office physically, however, office space planning is much more than that. The Truspace team will take the time to properly plan how your workspace can be utilized to provide the maximum benefit to your business.
Your office should be able to inspire and retain your staff and reassure them that they are being valued, while also fulfilling the functional needs of your organization. With that in mind, our team will design a space that fully considers your employees’ requirements at work.


Space Planning

In many offices found across Canada, there is usually a huge amount of space that remains untouched for an extended period. That’s the main reason why Truspace will be looking at the current use of the space in your office before starting any new designs. We will use the latest design technology to create a plan for your office’s interior design space that unleashes its true potential.
Our interior design teams can also help with the implementation of different work systems, such as hotdesking and hoteling stations, as well as the implementation of breakout and touchdown zones. These implementations ensure that your office space is designed to its optimum potential so it can even be helpful in promoting interaction and communication amongst staff members, making your business more successful and efficient.
Whatever your budget, we can help. We provide you with several options ranging from minimal cost plans to a complete workspace transformation. We specialize in tailoring our services according to our clients’ budgets and needs.

Our Office Space Consultation Process

As a highly awarded design firm, we provide clients with complete office space consulting. We believe that space planning is the first step towards designing an ideal workspace that is fully indicative of your workers’ needs.


Evaluating Your Current Office Space

We will begin by reviewing the utilization of your current office space. You may learn that certain areas can be used in a completely different way. For example, you may be thinking that you need more meeting rooms, but your employees are actually utilizing the free spaces in your office to have quick discussions away from their seats as an alternative. In such a case, our Office Space Consulting service will help you think about providing more casual settings for your employees for these quick discussions.


Defining Your Needs

Most people want an office space renovation because they think they have outgrown their previous workspace. In some of these cases, we provide them with a proper consultation to allow them to see their current office space is the perfect spot, with some minor tweaks needed. We aim to challenge your ‘size matters’ mindset and instead encourage you to consider how your current space can be used to best suit your business.



Once we have a clear understanding of your workspace, we can begin to look at how much space you require to fulfill your business needs. So yes, our Office Space Consulting service is worth it to help clear your head and start planning.

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