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Aug 28, 2023 Truspace

From Cavernous to Collaborative: How WealthCo Transformed Their Office for Collaboration and Growth

The WealthCo Group of Companies has been elevating accounting firm members and clients for over 20 years. On a mission to change the financial services industry, they leverage the unique relationship between accountants and their clients. Considered an integrated advisory network, they approached Truspace to design and build their new offices with what could be considered two competing priorities: space for people to work and space for people to collaborate.

“There’s a lot of collaboration that happens within the teams. So having spaces for people to work as well as to collaborate was really important when we designed the space,” said Sophie Blais, President of Wealthco.

WealthCo aimed to foster a culture of unity, cooperation, and partnership, necessitating a workspace that would support and reflect these values. Truspace, sharing common corporate values and a consultative approach, successfully brought WealthCo’s vision to life.

“We are a brand built on collaboration and how we work reflects our values of innovation, connection and trust. We knew from the onset of this project that we could lean on our own story to deliver that vision, using our experience to innovate and inspire the design outcome,” said Russell Devenish, Managing Director at Truspace

For WealthCo, designing with the needs of their team in mind quickly became the most important piece of the project. To address the needs of their team effectively, WealthCo identified three key priorities: a larger kitchen and bistro area, clearly defined spaces for external clients and team meetings, and a dedicated room for podcasts and interviews.

WealthCo wanted their team to feel comfortable, encouraging open discussions when needed, while providing quiet working opportunities. Truspace designed an environment that was welcoming, bright, light, and airy, catering to these objectives. The installation of acoustic panels ensured optimal sound-wave absorption, striking a perfect balance between collaborative requirements and the need for individual focus.


Initially a very large, cavernous office resembling a dark and empty room, there really wasn’t any definition of space. With so much riding on planning and successfully integrating the clients needs, communication was key to the project’s accomplishments.

“When we first looked at this space, it was a huge, empty, cavernous room with a whole bunch of cubes in it. And there really wasn’t any definition of space, “said Blais. “Russell and the Truspace team spent a lot of time with us in the beginning walking us through the design and build.”

The end result exemplifies a spirit of openness, successfully unifying WealthCo’s wealth, insurance, planning and marketing teams, while preserving their distinct client and individual functional needs. Any challenges encountered by Truspace or changes required were met with open engagement, instilling trust in the relationship along with a feeling of unwavering support.


The project’s design focused on creating smaller units and moderate group settings that didn’t feel cramped or enclosed. Truspace achieved this by instilling warmth throughout the space, aligning with WealthCo’s culture and principles.

The deliberate decision to keep the wall of windows open allowed natural light and energy to permeate the workspace. Truspace’s expertise not only met the client’s requirements but also offered valuable suggestions for improvement, ensuring a seamless flow and positioning WealthCo for future growth.

“Russell and the Truspace team really helped us deliver what we asked for, developing our concept into a true idea. And it will allow us to grow as we continue to evolve as a company,” said Blais.

WealthCo’s collaboration with Truspace transformed their office from a cavernous, undefined space into a desirable and functional environment that supports their culture and values. By leveraging Truspace’s expertise, WealthCo successfully merged individual work areas and collaborative spaces, fostering unity and enabling the company’s evolution and future expansion.

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Published by Truspace August 28, 2023