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Oct 18, 2023 Truspace

First Service Partners with Truspace for a High-End Turn-Key Office Space

First Service, a prominent North American leader in essential property lifestyle services, was facing a pending relocation and expansion. This challenge prompted them to seek out a reliable partner to handle their entire project from design to completion. They turned to Truspace, a renowned design and build firm known for its client-centric approach and commitment to delivering unique solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Heading the project on the client's end was a busy decision-maker who frequently traveled and had limited bandwidth to deal with the intricacies of a project design and build. First Service required a team that could take charge of the entire process without constant supervision. Truspace's expertise in providing a hands-off, turn-key solution made them the ideal partner for this ambitious venture.

Setting The Foundation for Turn-Key Success

Truspace commenced the project with its thorough Engineering Feasibility Study (EFS) process. During this phase, they carefully considered not only the functionality of the new office space but also its aesthetics, floor plan, conceptual inspirations, timeline, and budget. The new location offered double the square footage of their previous space, demanding a design that echoed elegance and quality throughout. This initial planning phase laid the groundwork for the project, and subsequent interactions with the client were kept to a minimum, relieving First Service of any micromanagement responsibilities.

Unlike other firms with a distinct style that sets their profile of work apart, Truspace prioritizes listening to the client's specific wants and needs to deliver diverse designs. Russell Devenish, President of Truspace, takes pride in how Truspace stands out amongst its competitors, “As a design firm we really listen to what the client wants and needs. Our priority is integrating the functionality and aesthetic that will best serve and represent our clients. We want to be known for our ability to deliver bespoke design and build solutions that suit each unique client, not for imposing our own style on our builds.”

Given the opulence of the area surrounding the new office and First Service's high-end brand image, the vision for the space had to exude professionalism and polish. Named one of the top three global brands in commercial real estate by The Lipsey Company for the sixth consecutive year, First Service was looking to invoke a ‘wow’ factor. Elevating the experience of each partner, broker, and tenant who entered was a top priority.  

A Striking Impression at First Glance

The design revolved around creating an unforgettable first impression, with particular emphasis on the lobby and reception area. Truspace implemented a striking and sophisticated reception desk, crafted from custom millwork, to warmly welcome influential investors, brokers, and tenants. This centerpiece set the tone for the rest of the space and left a lasting impact on visitors.

Truspace carefully balanced the use of branding elements within the office. While maintaining a neutral color palette to establish a serious and professional ambiance, they subtly incorporated the First Service logo to ensure brand recognition. The design elements never overshadowed the overall high-end experience of the space.

Integrating Flexible Design With Streamlined Sophistication

The boardroom was designed to be versatile and adaptive to the changing needs of the office. To maximize the floor plan, Truspace installed an operable wall, offering the flexibility to adjust the space as required. Window glazing with a gradient floor-to-ceiling film was applied to both the outward-facing windows and interior workspaces. This innovative solution provided privacy while allowing natural light to flood the office. Strategic design touches, including drop-down pendant LED strip lights, laminate ceiling panels, luxurious boardroom furniture, a wood veneer credenza, and well-placed pot lighting, added to the overall sleek ambiance of the room.

First Service's partnership with Truspace proved to be a resounding success, resulting in a stunning and functional office space that reflected the company's opulence and brand image. 


Published by Truspace October 18, 2023