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Aug 28, 2023 Truspace

A Space to Call Home: How Baker Tilly Turned a Blank Slate into a Collaborative Office

Baker Tilly is a successful professional services firm, providing accounting, tax advisory and wealth management services. In 2022, when Baker Tilly connected with Truspace to design and build out their newly leased 17,000 square foot facility, they were already apprehensive about the process given the large scope of the project, and turning what was previously a single-tenant facility into a multi-office facility.

They hadn’t designed or developed a new space in nearly 15 years, and they wondered whether their timeline requirements were achievable. It was important for the space to reflect an environment where the team wanted to work and Baker Tilly wanted to get it right.

However, when introduced to Truspace by their property manager who had successfully partnered with the lauded design build company on the building’s construction, despite their initial trepidation regarding their inexperience in taking on a project this large, Baker Tilly knew they were in capable hands from the start.


At Baker Tilly, it’s not uncommon to work in multidisciplinary teams, having multiple experts work on single clients. This means that plenty of collaborative spaces are required in the office. A key priority for the new design, Baker Tilly needed an environment supportive of communication, teamwork and the ability to work together to solve complex problems on behalf of clients.

Compounding this was that many team members now worked hybrid schedules, requiring in-office time to be extra heavy on collaboration.

All of these factors informed the design, and Truspace turned this vision into a reality, by creating open spaces filled with natural light, encouraging partnership and camaraderie among the team. “At Truspace, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, engaging our clients every step of the way, to ensure they feel heard and that their needs are being met,” said ’.
Russell Devenish, Managing Director at Truspace

Leaders are able to move nimbly about the office, which allows for effective training and mentorship. Even the kitchen became a home-like hub, complete with an island and seating areas, with this atmosphere echoed throughout the office.

Flooded with natural light, the outdoors were brought in as much as possible, with bright colors and unique art completing the warm and welcoming environment. And though seemingly simple enough, it’s not always easy for design-builders to turn a client’s particular vision into reality.


Though made clear that an open environment encouraging collaboration was a key priority during the design process, the all-important timeline consistently hovered in the background.

Baker Tilly engaged Truspace in the project in mid-2022, and required completion for a move-in date in early February 2023.

With supply chain issues and labor shortages brought on by COVID, Baker Tilly were hopeful the schedule would be achieved, but wavered in confidence knowing the lofty goals.

Truspace not only met the tight deadline, but they exceeded it, resulting in an early move-in date. In an industry wrought with budget overruns and delayed projects, Baker Tilly was thrilled with the outcome, and amazed that the project was completed on-time.

‘It was incredible what Truspace was able to do in a short amount of time. When it was done, it was better than I imagined, “ said Terri Holowath, Managing Director at Baker Tilly.


When asked what the highlight of working with Truspace was, Baker Tilly’s consistent response was that Truspace felt like a part of their team.

Not content to simply check items off on a list, Truspaces’ kind and caring approach to every project highlights how important it is to have happy and satisfied clients.

For Baker Tilly, every interaction with Truspace was met with calm, collected voices, walking them through the entire process from design, to drawings, to city approval to all of the inspections.

With a supportive team in Truspace, Baker Tilly saw their vision brought to life, by an organization living their values, helping their customers turn dreams into reality.

Published by Truspace August 28, 2023