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Jun 15, 2023 Truspace

A Brand New Space: How Webber Naturals Pharmaceuticals Created an Open Space That Brought Their Brand to Life

Webber Naturals Pharmaceuticals, a producer of natural supplements in Canada, wanted their Toronto head office to physically manifest their values; to be a place where their brand could shine. 

Partnering to work on a full design and construction project for their already built-out space, Truspace prioritized Webber’s needs and requirements from the start. With corporate culture of utmost importance, the top priority when redesigning was to infuse their brand into the design, and to weave the style into their environment. WN Pharmaceutical wanted the design to reflect who they were, while staying within budget.

No stranger to the importance of highlighting an organization’s cultures and values within design, Truspace has developed strategies to ensure that a collaborative approach is undertaken. Change management has been threaded into the design process, with principles that include interviewing employees, understanding the workplace, and knowing how different departments communicate.  

A key priority for Truspace in every project is conceptualizing the optimal functionality of the space while getting the layout just right; and who better to guide this principle than the client and employees themselves? Not only does this strategy ensure that objectives align with the end result, but it emphasizes that people feel heard and that their voices truly matter.

Building for Function AND Design

WN Pharmaceuticals envisioned a space that perfectly reflected who they were, and Truspace brought that vision to life. Using glass fronts for the offices, boardrooms, and meeting spaces helped to instill a sense of openness and collaboration among team members. Meanwhile, bright accent walls and natural wood finishes reflected the company values and culture, while unique furniture tied into the full design. Adding meeting spaces, boardrooms, offices and a bright kitchen and reception area helped to further instill a sense of belonging and community, valuable philosophies for the customer.

kitchen space

common space

collaborative work space

When an organization’s brand is infused into every facet of a project it takes on a unique method, a requirement that doesn’t always align with on-budget techniques. However, project requirements that emphasize a customized approach while staying on budget are already an integral part of Truspaces’ progressive design-build (PDB) method. 

“With a full-circle holistic approach, Truspace can seamlessly unify a vision with a proven end-to-end process, connecting all facets from design to construction. This approach allows for efficiency, identifying potential issues early and making real-time adjustments to produce a high-quality project delivered on time and within budget. Customization does not need to be sacrificed to ensure budgets are met,” said Russell Devenish, Managing Director, Truspace.

Staying within a set budget can still be a challenge, and proactive communication is key. Emphasizing the importance of ensuring customers feel valued and heard is a core pillar of Truspaces’ ‘Make it Right’ guarantee. ‘Unique to the industry, Truspace actually guarantees the quoted price, which means “customers can feel secure knowing there are no budget surprises lurking around each corner, while bringing their design vision to life,” says Devenish.

Nothing Standard Here

Working in collaboration with employees, management, and leadership, Truspace solicited input, feedback, and broadened perspectives to ensure that just the right space was produced. Expanding the vision helped to bring it to life. Community is everything at WN Pharmaceuticals, and Truspace helped to ensure that their space reflected just that.

Through this project, Truspace proved that customized environments can still be accomplished on tight budgets and schedules. This is unique in an industry where overrun budgets and standard spaces have become normalized and accepted. 


Published by Truspace June 15, 2023