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Dec 09, 2017 Truspace

How The Home Can Influence Office Design To Attract Talent

There’s no place like home. It’s a collection of spaces that reflect our personality, showcase our priorities and help us unwind. For many of us, home is the one place where we can simply be.

What if that weren’t the case, though? Imagine if the place we spend most of the day – our workplace – elicited the same positive feelings as the home. Chances are, going to work would be a much more enjoyable, and therefore, productive experience.

This is important for business owners to consider. Attracting and retaining talented workers is a growing challenge for employers right now. For the modern workforce, finding work isn’t merely about collecting a paycheck. They’ve got more complicated expectations of their employers.

One way to appeal to these expectations is by creating a work environment similar to the home; a flexible, relaxed, unique place that employees look forward to spending time at.

How is this achieved? What can our homes teach us about office design? Read on:

Balance & Equality

At home, each member of the family is equally important. Parents aren’t more valuable because they pay the bills (although they do deserve the master bedroom!). The same should be said for each person at work. Sure, the boss may have a larger workspace to accommodate frequent meetings and a larger workload. However, relationships at work should focus on cooperation rather than hierarchy.

Intentional Spaces

People bake in the kitchen, barbecue on the patio, and brush their teeth in the washroom. It makes sense to have designated spaces for specific purposes. Unfortunately, this line of thinking doesn’t often carry over to the workplace. Employees are expected to complete most of their responsibilities in a single space (usually an office or cubicle). Instead, give workers control over how and where they work. Offer multiple, task-appropriate spaces rather than an assigned desk.


The importance of natural light is obvious. People’s circadian rhythm and mood are dependent on exposure to sunlight – directly impacting their health and workplace productivity. Office interiors should be designed with this in mind. Thanks to the tendency toward open concept design in recent years, more people can enjoy the benefits of windows throughout the day.

While natural light is ideal, it isn’t entirely dependable. Additional lighting is necessary, and similar to residential lighting solutions, may include lamps, dimmer switches and reading lights.

Staff Kitchen

Food brings people together. At home, the kitchen is the one space where a family regularly connects. At work, it offers the same opportunity. When a business provides a staff kitchen, it’s also providing a space for co-workers to come together to create a sense of community.

Furthermore, when people have a kitchen at work, they can make healthier dietary choices. Both the body and mind rely on food for fuel, and a well-fed employee will have more energy and focus throughout the day.

Appealing Aesthetic

People want to feel a sense of belonging, which is why they enjoy being home. The art, furniture, wall color and décor reflect their personality and put them at ease. Workplaces are starting to mimic the home in terms of these design elements. Many offices now boast beautiful artwork, contemporary color choices, area rugs, potted plants and comfortable furniture – all in an effort to create a home-like feeling.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable solutions are becoming more commonplace in the home. People recycle, use non-toxic cleaning solutions, choose energy efficient appliances, and monitor water and electricity usage more than ever before. Prioritizing environmentally responsible office solutions is just as important. People are keenly aware of their responsibility to the planet, and expect their workplace to make sustainability part of the business plan.

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Published by Truspace December 9, 2017