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Calgary Office Interior Design

Calgary Office Interior Design

At TruSpace, we are changing the way office build is done, not only in Calgary but throughout Canada. We offer a streamlined office design approach, combining the expertise of an interior designer, project manager and construction team into one organization, ensuring you get to avoid the headaches and stress of having to deal with multiple contractors and all the uncertainties that can result from that.

This start-to-finish office design solution is the simplest and most efficient way to complete your office build project. Our in-house team of professionals have 30+ years of office build experience, so you can rest easy knowing we will stay within your ideal timelines and budget.

Our Calgary Office Design Build Process

Whether you are looking to start from scratch or recreate your existing space into something that promotes success, boosts productivity and helps you attract and retain key people, we can help

Step 1 – We Assess How You Work

We believe that every business is unique, and requires a unique workspace that fits its needs. We never take one-size fits all approach when we are developing office designs. We take the time to truly understand the needs of your company and how you are utilizing your current space and then work together, sharing and discussing ideas on how it can be improved upon.

Step 2 – We Work Closely With You To Design your New Workplace

Once we have a real understanding of your business and how you are using your current space we will work closely with you to design a concept that will not only suit your company’s immediate needs but also addresses your company’s future needs.

Step 3 – Adding The Finishing Touches

Our team of expert interior designers will select the finishing touches that will bring your space together. Complementary colours, textures, fabrics, finishes and decorative touches are chosen with your preferences and price point in mind. We also plan out where each of these elements will exist in your office to ensure optimal use of space.

Step 4 – We Give You A Virtual Tour

Once we have your approval on the design concept, we create a digital rendering of your new office space so you can undertake a virtual tour of your company’s future space and become familiar with it before construction.

Step  5 – We Build Your New Office Space

All the design and conceptual work completed up to this point gets turned into detailed technical drawings that our project team then uses to bring your bespoke office to life. Our unique design build process ensures we take care of everything, including construction, installation, furniture and move management, so the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish.

We Create And Build Office Spaces In Calgary That Fit Your Company’s Needs

At Truspace, we design and build spaces that your business and your people deserve. We understand that different industries have different office requirements.

That is why we always take a customized approach when it comes to developing office designs. We believe your business is unique, so it stands to reason that your office space should be too.

When you work with us, you get to tap into our 30+ years of modern interior design sensibilities and reap the rewards of our streamlined approach. We become your all in one office design and build solution, becoming your interior designer, project manager and construction team, ensuring that you will avoid the stress and headaches that come from dealing with multiple contractors and the uncertainties that brings with it.


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