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Oct 09, 2017 Truspace

Workplace Wellbeing Guide: 10 Ways Good Office Design Helps

There are substantial consequences to ignoring employee wellbeing: more frequent sick days, higher staff turnover, reduced productivity and an overall lower morale around the office.

Study after study has shown that employees that work in environments that focus on improving wellbeing are typically happier and more productive overall.

Employee Wellness Is A Benefit, Not A Burden.

In Truspace’s comprehensive workplace wellbeing guide we show you both the simple and complex solutions along with the benefits of weaving mental and physical health into your office environment.

What Our Workplace Wellness White Paper Offers

Our 25 page guide contains actionable information companies can use to improve their workplace wellness including:

  • Why Giving Employees More Choice Is Crucial
  • The Role Of Noise Management In The Workplace
  • Why you Should Maximize Natural Lighting
  • The Value Of Natural Light In The Workplace
  • How To Make Fitness An Easier Choice For Your Employees
How To Download The Guide

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Published by Truspace October 9, 2017