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Dec 08, 2017 Truspace

What Millennials Are Looking For In The Workplace

By the year 2025, millennials will make up an estimated 75% of the workforce. As a business owner, you want to make sure the climate you create is as desirable to this demographic as possible so that you can attract – and retain – the most talented individuals. After all, your workers are the bread and butter to your success.

While millennials are often associated with being self-centered and materialistic, believe it or not, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the majority of this demographic would choose a meaningful career over a high paycheck. So, how can you make sure that your business appeals to millennials? – By understanding what they are looking for in the workplace, and by making sure that you attend to their desires.

Here is a look at some of the factors that will influence job satisfaction for this growing part of the workforce.

Truly Making An Impact

All businesses are based on making some sort of impact; however, all too often, companies fail to actually deliver on the impact that they claim they are dedicated to making – and that can be really off-putting for millennials.

Millennials are interested in working for organizations that have a clear vision and want to make an impact, and that actually deliver.


They want to work for companies that make positive changes for society and the environment; they want to expand opportunities for populations that have been disadvantaged.

Make sure your company’s mission is to make an impact – and provide your workers with opportunities to actually achieve that goal (and be sure that you are actually working toward it yourself, too!)

Feeling Valued

Everyone wants to feel as if they are truly valued for their effort. This is particularly true for millennials. They want to know that they are making an impact, and that their impact is appreciated. Make the effort to let your employees know how much they are valued and they will go above and beyond to ensure they deliver an exceptional performance.

Finding Purpose

Adults spend the majority of their life at work. If they don’t feel like they have a purpose at work, or if their work is not significant or holds no meaning, they are likely going to be dissatisfied. As a result, they are more inclined to leave a position and seek the purpose they desire elsewhere.

Appeal to and retain your workers by making them feel purposeful. Provide them with opportunities to find true meaning and significance in their work. When people feel that they have a true purpose, they are going to truly invest themselves in their work, thus increasing happiness in the workplace and increasing productivity.


So many business owners are under the impression that their staff needs to work nonstop, taking as few breaks as possible, in order to achieve goals; however, nothing could be further from the truth – and millennials are all too aware of this.

Taking frequent breaks allows workers to refocus their energy and their mindset so that they can effectively tackle their tasks to the best of their ability. By providing opportunities to take frequent breaks throughout the workday – and even incorporating a welcoming and relaxing break area – your employees will be able to recharge their batteries and get the breath of fresh air that is needed to bring their best foot forward.

By making your workplace more employee-friendly, being more mindful and creating a work environment where people actually feel valued and as if they are truly making a difference, you will be able to appeal to millennials and improve the overall success of your company.

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Published by Truspace December 8, 2017