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Jun 03, 2020 Truspace

Managers: Leading Your Teams Digitally During Covid-19

As a leader, you’re probably experiencing the impacts of the pandemic not only for yourself but in your teams as well. With employees decentralized between home and the office, your team may be feeling the effects of being scattered. While maintaining morale among your team may seem daunting right now, it’s not an impossible task.

Firstly, you’ll need to find ways to build confidence and keep everyone calm. Be adamant in addressing the elephant in the room: ignoring the apparent unrest among your team will only increase their feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Keep your tone positive and hopeful: While you may be stressed yourself, don’t unload your own hesitations onto your team. As a leader, you set the tone: Be encouraging, and get your team involved in brainstorming new solutions.

After addressing the concerns of the team, bring the focus back in. It can be easy to get caught up in wallowing, however, you’ll want to redirect the conversation back to your new objectives as a team. Create a game plan that tweaks your usual approaches. Use task delegation to get team members invested by giving them a sense of ownership. Working towards a collective goal is always a great way to unify a team!

In his book “Team of Teams”, General McChrystal talks about ways to make technology work for him, and not against him. Leaders often have a myriad of technology at their disposal; however, some leaders will rely too heavily on these technologies, or use them ineffectively. As a leader, you’ll need to acknowledge areas where technology could increase efficiency and be smart about automating certain processes. Whether its reminders, tasks-lists, or workflows, use technology only where it makes sense for you and your team.

For our own management team here at Truspace, bringing teams together virtually is our forte. With a nationally spanning team, Truspace has been prepared and positioned to lead both our in-office and remote teams digitally. We’re always connecting, communicating, and collaborating together over chat message and email, so we’ve barely felt the shift. For more information on Truspace and our integrated approach, sing up for our newsletter down below!

Published by Truspace June 3, 2020