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Jul 15, 2020 Truspace

Keeping Your Team Connected While Working Remotely

With offices divided between home and the office, it’ll be important now more than ever for your company to show a united front. Your teams are the front-line workers between you and your clients – they embody your mission, promise and vision as a brand. Staying connected with your teams is a great way to ensure everyone is still on the same page.  

Running your business like a well-oiled machine is only possible when all members of your team are performing with top productivity. Consider how you, as a manager, can help your team remain productive, effective, and connected. Try implementing daily huddles and ‘stand-ups’ to discuss goals and strategies at the beginning of each day. This is a great way to help teams feel less isolated while streamlining their focus towards certain goals each day. Make sure everyone is heard and held accountable.

Have a clear understanding of possible challenges that may arise with this transition and determine ways to combat them. Whether it’s technical issues, connection issues, or focus, set both individual and collective plans in place to address the unique challenges of each team member. Using real-time communication tools can help address issues quickly and efficiently. Urge team members to reach out to each other for advice, strategies, and encouragement. Keeping teams connected means helping them stay interconnected as well.

In addition to understanding contact and technology restraints, remember to equip your teams with digital best practices. While you’ll need a VPN to keep employees connected to the central server, employees will need to confirm their home internet is password protected and that devices are set up with multifactor authentication. Consider aspects like wi-fi bandwidth and anti-virus installation to ensure high cyber-security. Empower employees with the knowledge of how to keep company data safe while accessing it.

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Published by Truspace July 15, 2020