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Apr 17, 2020 Truspace

Keeping Your Office Clean During Corona Virus Outbreak

By now you’ve probably heard about the global Corona Virus pandemic. Corona, or COVID-19, is a disease that is easily transmitted between individuals in proximity. As a result, governments worldwide are encouraging practices like social distancing, crowd limiting, and self-isolating to combat the spread of the virus.

So, what does this mean for a business like you?

Business can continue as usual, however, the way you work might start to look a little different. Here’s what you can do to keep your office up, safe, and running during this outbreak.

Adopt Minimalism

As companies are encouraged to adjust the number of employees working in an office, your office may seem a bit emptier, and perhaps more spacious. Using a minimalistic approach to your office interior can help make the most of underutilized spaces and decrease clutter. For example, switching several storage units to one multipurpose cabinet can reduce the number of surfaces prone to contamination. Repurposing your ‘dead spaces’ into multipurpose spaces is a great way to get your employees to spread out into space you never even knew you had. Digitizing unnecessary papers and documents can also be a great start to reducing storage space. Going ‘paperless’ not only cuts down clutter, but your ecological footprint as a company, and in the long run, costs.

Clean Daily

Create a daily cleaning schedule to hit your most dangerous zones. Swipe a disinfecting wipe over places like handles, buttons, and light switches every morning and evening. Encourage employees to sanitize their own stations at least once a day. Think about providing ample cleaning supplies and sanitizers for easy convenience…and yes, ask your team to help.  We’re all trying our best to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Embrace a Healthy Mind

Consider creating a mentally safe space for your team as, understandably, employees might be feeling more anxious than usual.  Be sure to increase employee awareness without raising panic. Update them on ways to safe around the office, send out resources and keep them informed of current political mandates, encourage sick team members to take the rest they need to promote both physical wellness and mental clarity.

Social Distancing (No, really.)

We promise – it helps! Consider holding your morning huddle of three in a more spacious meeting room. Try taking some of your meetings online, especially if your team is scattered between the office and remote work. If your office isn’t currently configurated to be ‘distancing-friendly’, perhaps it’s time for a change.


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Published by Truspace April 17, 2020