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Feb 03, 2020 Truspace

Inner Office Plants

It’s not new information that most offices are enclosed, away from the outside world. We often spend 8+ hours a day in a space with minimal fresh air, and almost no nature whatsoever. But, imagine what it would be like if we incorporated some nature into the workspace. Nature can have a tremendous impact on our health, from the oxygen emitted by plants, to the oneness that we might feel with the earth when in nature…it can all be so beneficial.

Of course, no one is going to turn their office into an indoor rainforest, albeit that would be pretty amazing, but there are other ways that we can incorporate nature into the office space to liven things up a bit.

Today, we’re going to go through the top 5 best plants to have in an office space, and why! So, let’s go!

#1 – Snake Plants aka Sansevieria

low maintenance indoor plantsSnake Plants are incredibly easy to take care of, which make them an amazing office addition. They are low maintenance, require minimal water (because they’re from the succulent family), and can thrive with little to no sunlight. Snake Plants absorb toxins in the air like carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene, etc. Snake plants also release pure oxygen throughout the night making them not only a fantastic air purifier, but an even better addition of fresh oxygen to your workspace.


#2 – Peace Lilly aka Spathiphyllum

best office plantsPeace Lilly’s have wide, broad leaves and grow beautiful white flowers that give them their name. These plants are fantastic for an office due to needing little to no sunlight and being very forgiving if they’re overwatered. Peace Lilly’s, much like Snake Plants, also purify the air by absorbing toxins. These plants are growers too, meaning they will flourish and produce a beautiful plant to be admired by the office for a long time.


office plants#3 – Dracaena aka Dracaena Cincta / Marginata

Dracaena’s are an amazing statement plant to have in an empty corner or space that needs a good pop of color. These plants produce vibrant green leaves and can be extremely resilient to under-watering. Draecana’s are another great choice for eliminating pollutants and have a very intricate rooting system that makes them incredibly resistant to wilting – aka, perfect for a neglected desk plant if you’re a busy bee! These plants live best in medium lighting, so if you have some windows in the space you want to place it, it will thrive!



#4 – Air Plants

Desk PlantsAir plants are incredibly fascinating because they grow…you guessed it…in the air! These plants do not require planting at all and live out of soil. Watering these plants is also incredibly easy; simply submerge them in water for 2-3 hours every couple of weeks and hang them back where you had them before. Air Plants are a great way to incorporate plants where you may not have space for a plant pot, or if you just want to avoid the mess of dirt all together. These dirtless plants are great for reducing dust in your space and can also help to increase humidity levels.


Office Desk Plants#5 – Ficus

Ficus plants are a genus within the Moraceae family of plants and are also known as weeping fig trees. Most Ficus plants thrive in bright indirect or filtered sunlight and can survive several days with dry soil. Ficus trees live best in warmer temperature offices and cannot tolerate low temps or cold drafts so although they’re not ideal for a reception area, they might be ideal for a higher-level corner office or lunch room space. These plants tend to like a more humid space, so show them some love by misting them with water on a regular basis.



Some studies have shown that having real plants in an office can reduce absenteeism by up to 50% and reduce sickness rates within offices by 30%. Some other benefits of having plants in the office include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Incorporate color and liveliness to the workspace
  • They help reduce noise levels
  • They can make the workspace more attractive to future applicants
Since humans have an innate desire to feel connected to nature, it’s no surprise that incorporating plants into the office space can benefit the workers and their state of mind. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to make a subtle improvement to your office space and the well-being of the staff working in said office, give some real plants a try!
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Published by Truspace February 3, 2020