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Nov 19, 2019 Truspace

How to design a biophilic office on a budget

Biophilia is a fancy word to express love for nature. It was introduced to the mainstream in the 1980s when researchers found that humans have an innate predisposition to seek out connections with nature. In other words, we are genetically biophilic. The “biophilia theory” assumes that we need to connect with nature frequently for us to be at our happiest and healthiest state. Biophilic design, therefore, takes this connection and strives to implement it into spaces where we live, eat, rest, and work. Enter the biophilic workspace design!

Disconnecting from nature is harmful to our physical and mental health. People who don’t frequently interact with their natural environment are more disposed to anxiety and depression. Additionally, they may develop physical conditions such as obesity and cardiovascular disease more easily. Science says that connecting with nature can help prevent or improve these problems. But, despite the studies, office design trends for interior and exterior spaces have – for a while – neglected the green element. Today, as the workplace has evolved, principles of biophilic design have started to gain prominence as the resultant benefits such as reductions in absenteeism and staff stress levels have become difficult to overlook by designers.

Now at this point, you may be wondering—how can you introduce biophilic elements into your office without breaking the bank on costly renovations? Here are some tips.

More and More Plants

Potted plants are the easiest method to bring greenery into your office. So, get your team to volunteer to water the plants. This will increase their interactions with nature and give them a nice break from the hustle. You may also consider surprising everyone with their plants as a gift for their desks! It’s easy and, most importantly, not costly at all!

Upgrade Your Furniture

Your metallic, sharp furniture may go against the desired aesthetic of the biophilic design. Think about substituting some of your furniture items with new wooden pieces. Softer, organic shapes, materials, and patterns will help you copy those found in nature and get that biophilic office design you want. Now, of course, this may seem like an expensive thing to do. Still, not necessarily:

Thanks to Truspace’s hard-earned reputation, contractors and suppliers are known to offer us discounts not available for the public market nor to other design firms. Our extensive experience has made us very knowledgeable about brands and craftsmanship; we know how to distinguish high from low-quality essentials. We will point you directly to the best biophilic furniture that fits within your budget.

What About Water?

Water elements are often overlooked in office design but have been proven to reduce stress levels and improve memory. Don’t hesitate to introduce even a small water element in your office, like a table-top fountain. The sound of falling water will enhance your employees’ focus and, therefore, their productivity. Again, comfortable and not expensive at all!

Natural Lighting

Did you know that extended exposure to fluorescent lamps and other unnatural light sources can mess up your employee’s natural circadian rhythms? This leads to lower productivity, alertness, and, therefore, directly impacts your company’s results.

As a solution, opening the blinds is naturally the easiest and cheapest way to let light get in. But, alternatively, you can buy circadian lamps that simulate the natural lighting effect and maintain natural rhythms more efficiently.

Key Takeaways

The biophilic design doesn’t need to be an impossible thing to achieve, and you don’t have to rethink your entire workspace to take advantage of it. Whether you start small, by making a few changes, or design from the ground up, biophilic design is attainable; and can surely be adjusted to fit the needs of your office.

Also, if you have your own ideas for a biophilic office, you are more than welcome to share them with our Truspace team to see how they can be brought to life.

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Published by Truspace November 19, 2019