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Dec 09, 2017 Truspace

How To Create A Sustainable Office Guide

It has taken some time for Canadian businesses to understand the value of creating a green workplace. When these practices were first promoted, there was a belief that they had a high cost to implement without a positive return on investment.

However, over the years, it has become easier to identify the tangible value of having a greener workplace. It leads to a reduction in energy use, a more productive workforce, and a variety of additional benefits.

The savings on energy costs can be substantial. Studies have shown that by implementing a greener office interior, businesses can reduce their energy bills by at least 25 percent.

What Our Green Office Guide Offers

Our 10 page guide shows you how to create a greener, more sustainable workplace that will reduce energy costs, lead to a healthier workforce and increase company productivity.

  • What Is a Greener Workplace?
  • What Are the Benefits of a Green Workplace?
  • What Can You Do to Incorporate More Green Elements?
  • 5 Green Building Practises to Use During Construction or Refurbishment of Your Workplace
How To Download Our Green Office Guide

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Published by Truspace December 9, 2017