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Dec 08, 2017 Truspace

How To Attract Millennials With Good Office Design Guide

Despite the divisive opinions about millennials, this generation is the largest workforce in history. With 80 million millennials in the US and nearly 10 million in Canada, they make up about a third of the North American workforce, and by 2025, 75% of workers will be millennials.

Millennials aren’t going anywhere and their values of diversity, inclusivity, and community are driving our economy. As a result, the Boomers and Gen Xers leading the workforce need to start engaging with millennials and creating work environments that attract and retain this talented and educated generation.

What Our Latest Guide Offers

In our detailed 17-page white paper learn how well-designed offices can attract and retain talented millennials including:

  • What Millennials are seeking from their workplaces and how that that is transforming the traditional workplace.
  • Why Millennials are seeking the unique benefits of open plan offices.
  • Why Millennials desire communal lounges and break rooms in their workplaces.
  • How Millennials are driving biophilic design: nurturing the natural relationship between human beings and nature.
How To Download Our Guide

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Published by Truspace December 8, 2017