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Jun 26, 2021 Truspace

How To Attract Top Talent Through Hybrid Design

Moving from full time office working to a hybrid working model can create certain challenges, but it also offers some significant advantages, not least when it comes to attracting talent to your company.

The talent base broadens significantly when you don’t require staff to work in the office full time. You and your recruiters can use your new hybrid office design as a key selling point when you are recruiting new employees.

In this blog post we will examine how to use hybrid office design to support your recruitment process.


Find out What People Actually Want

Not all of your employees share the same opinion about hybrid working, and this can impact how you approach recruiting new talent. Your first step should be to survey your top employees to find out what sort of working model they would prefer. 

Do not offer them too many options to choose from as this can make it hard to gain any real insight. A simple choice between full time office working, working from home full time, or hybrid working will give you an idea of the number of people you will need to accommodate in your hybrid workplace.

Truspace has a sample survey that will help you ask the key questions – get in touch to request a copy of the survey.

Employee wellbeing is a Top Priority

The flexibility of hybrid working can help to support employee wellbeing. However, the boundary between work and home life can become blurred and staff may need guidance with managing this.

Managers should make sure they are aware of the signs of mental health and stress, especially for remote workers, and offer training on healthy remote working and digital wellbeing.

At a time when everyone is more aware of their mental and physical health, it is important to demonstrate that you are an employer who cares for your employees’ wellbeing. This will be key to both attracting new talent and retaining your existing staff.


How to Promote Your Hybrid Office 

Working with a commercial interior design specialist like Truspace to create a hybrid office will help you attract and retain top talent for your company. 

Here are some of the key points to consider:

Design a socially distanced office layout

Make sure that you consider employee safety when designing your hybrid workspace, with clear space between work areas, good ventilation, and hand sanitizing stations. 

Your recruiter can also use photographs of your modern hybrid office design within your job ads to attract attention.

Encourage unscheduled collaboration

Impromptu chats are a vital part of the work experience so it’s important to incorporate this in your hybrid office design. Open areas, lounges, or a staff coffee shop/cafe provide the space where opportunities for unstructured collaboration can arise.

Provide the necessary equipment 

Make sure that home and office workers are provided with the key equipment for successful hybrid working. This includes audio and visual equipment for Zoom calls and access to cloud-based software but may also include laptops, desks or chairs.

Make as many job vacancies ‘remote’ as possible

By encouraging hybrid working, you widen the physical area that your recruiter can cover and also make working at your company more attractive. 

Through careful design of the hybrid office and prioritizing employee wellbeing, your company’s unique hybrid working culture will become a key tool to help your recruiter attract talent. And working with Truspace’s expert commercial interior design specialists will make this process simple and cost-effective.

Contact Truspace today to find out more about creating a modern hybrid workspace for your company!

Published by Truspace June 26, 2021