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Dec 09, 2017 Truspace

How Good Office Design Can Boost Employee Happiness

When did creating happy employees find its way on to to-do list of business owners? What difference does it make to you if your employees are happy or not?

Simply put, it makes all the difference.

In the past, people worked to make a living, plain and simple. Little thought was given to the state of people’s happiness or how it affected the workplace.

However, members of the modern workforce are willing to sacrifice salary if it means working at a place they enjoy. This, paired with evidence suggesting that happier workers are more productive workers, has business owners taking note.

So, it’s clear that happy employees benefit the bottom line – but now what? Well, start by designing your office in a way that enhances feelings of happiness. Here’s how:

Create an appealing aesthetic.

The appearance of any space makes a substantial impact on the moods of those who occupy it. A drab and dreary office will no doubt trigger similar feelings in the people working there. Conversely, a vibrant and contemporary space will leave people feeling inspired.

One of the most obvious aspects of design – color – goes beyond simply appealing to people’s style preferences. It has a psychological impact as well. Believe it or not, there are right and wrong colors to use in certain spaces. You wouldn’t want to paint a chic restaurant the same color as your child’s nursery, for example. As far as office spaces go, green and blue are often go-to choices, thanks to the characteristics associated with them.

Similarly, the right decor, textiles, artwork, and natural elements produce a homey vibe – leaving employees at ease.

Make the office comfortable.

Imagine trying to be happy and productive when all you can concentrate on is how uncomfortable you feel. Investing in quality, comfortable furniture is a crucial step in improving the level of happiness employees experience while at work.

Comfort also refers to the lighting and temperature in the office. In both cases, the more each individual can customize their space, the better.

Encourage health and wellness.

It’s common knowledge that physical wellness and mental health are directly correlated. Encouraging employees to make healthier lifestyle choices will produce happier (not to mention, more effective) workers. Organizations can promote health in a number of ways, but here are a few examples for inspiration:

  • Offer onsite workout facilities or exercise classes
  • Supply healthy snacks and beverages to fuel workers throughout the day
  • Support regular movement in the office (encourage frequent breaks, provide stand-up workstations, etc.)
  • Provide shower and storage facilities for those who cycle or run to work

Some businesses shy away from devoting money to employee wellness, but research shows this isn’t necessary. The findings from one study demonstrated, “that there is a positive financial return on investment to employers for every dollar invested in worksite wellness programs as well as a reduction in employees’ health risks.”

Redefine the typical workday.

We all want to feel in control, especially when it comes to our work situation. As such, allow your employees choose how they structure their workday. Some will appreciate the opportunity to work from home on occasion, while others may want to set their own office hours.

In addition to allowing people the choice of where and when to work, you can also give them the option of how. Many businesses have swapped out assigned offices or cubicles in exchange for shared workstations. This means employees can choose which space is best for each of their responsibilities. On a given day, a worker may transition from a large group table to a private desk to a standing workstation.

The appearance of any space makes a substantial impact on the moods of those who occupy it.

Instead of expecting every person to work the same way, flexible office environments understand and respect the unique needs of each employee.

Every business and its employees are unique, so choosing the best methods to promote happiness across the board can prove difficult. Instead of trying to discover the ‘right way’ on your own, ask your employees what they want. They’re the people you’re trying to please, after all.

If you find yourself looking for tangible ways to turn your employee’s requests into functional office design, reach out to the qualified consultants at Truspace today. Our knowledgeable team will help you confidently transform your space into one that helps your workers thrive.

TruSpace have 30 years of experience in designing and building truly inspiring office spaces your business and your people deserve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us below if you would like to learn more about our innovative all-inclusive design build service.

Published by Truspace December 9, 2017