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Jun 21, 2019 Truspace

Empowering Staff Through Office Design

Just as a business plan can make or break your business, the design of your office can make or break your employees. Having a well-designed office is vital in empowering your staff. Empowered employees are happier with life, love coming to work, and work well; a happy and productive office both contribute to an improved bottom line for your business. Simple examples of empowering your employees include allowing personalization within your space, giving flexible hours, and having amenities throughout your space. Let’s take a look at how to empower your employees both mentally and physically, along with empowering the team dynamic in your office.

Mental Health

Taking your employee’s mental health into account is vital in allowing them to feel empowered within your space. Use color theory to help create an atmosphere within designated spaces is an easy way to start this process. Put writable walls around your office to have little pockets of positivity that can reflect the current mood and office climate. Have destressing spaces, like breakout rooms or a coffee bar, to encourage your staff to take breaks and regroup when needed. Finally, incorporate as many natural elements as you can: natural light with windows or skylights; green walls in an open office area; real woods, metals, or other similar materials; and naturalistic or tactile art are all great ways to bring some life and the outdoors into your space. We have books of samples for you and your employees to touch and look at to find one that you love.

Physical Wellness

While furniture is the first thing people think of when looking into physically empowering their staff, there are pieces that complement the furniture that can really help your staff feel that you have gone the extra mile for their wellbeing. Put some footstools in under the desks to go with the ergonomic chairs; this will encourage stretching and flexing of the legs and feet. Add in a standing mat with each sit-stand desk to help your employees stay standing and productive longer. Order in ergonomic keyboards to avoid repetitive motion injuries and screens that help minimize eye strain. Lastly, consider investing in treadmill desks if you have a large group of people that spend all day every day at their desks.


Office design is not just for individual employees; it also helps create a strong team dynamic, which is crucial for your business. Open offices are great for collaboration and a feeling of togetherness, so use them wherever possible! If you have staff that come and go a lot, consider using touchpoint stations instead of immobile desks or office space. Have a few larger breakout spaces to encourage discussions and coworking away from designated working spaces. One last option is to lose the table in the boardroom; by eliminating the keystone in the official meeting atmosphere, you are levelling the playing field, and telling your employees that no one is above anyone else. Set up your internal meetings townhall-style and let your staff feel comfortable giving ideas and input.

There are a lot of ways to help empower your employees, and not all of them are tied to office design. We are full of ideas to help you with this: contact us for a workplace consultation, come by our offices for some ideas, or check out our case studies on our website. Our hope is that with this list, we can work with you to build a great space for you and your employees that is good for your staff and your business.

Published by Truspace June 21, 2019