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Jul 31, 2019 Truspace

Designing for Coworking Space

Workspace design has undergone major developments in recent years. Isolating cubicles and segregated work desks have gradually given way to coworking spaces through shared offices, open spaces and several other amenities and design solutions, all of which promote collaboration and collective thinking. Big companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are at the forefront of this shift. Their coworking spaces help generate a sense of camaraderie among personnel, as well as enhancing the flow of information and teamwork throughout the business. If you’re still unsure whether designing a coworking space is a good idea for your business’s growth, here are four reasons that should convince you:

Network and create opportunities

Researchers at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam published a study demonstrating the advantages of coworking spaces. Of the 500 users surveyed, 1 in 4 claimed to have started a business partnership with another member of their coworking space. Even if this study is more aimed toward solo entrepreneurs, it’s also valid for new businesses and groups that need to network and build connections that may result in prolific associations. These collaborative work environments will allow you and your employees to build relationships, just as you would with colleagues in a traditional office setting.

The coworking spaces we create at Truspace are designed specifically for collaboration – a far cry from the conventional office scenes that usually have limited space and a suffocating atmosphere for employees.

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Opting for a collaborative workspace means your company will be introduced to a large number of people from totally different industries, thus opening doors to a wide range of skill sets and knowledge. Ideas are usually shared openly among members from different fields in the shared spaces and the interactions between them provide creative and educational benefits to your team. Coworking spaces are filled with hard-working, intelligent and innovative people all in one place. Inviting them into your workspace can be a valuable opportunity to expand your team’s knowledge and expertise. Getting to know people from other industries and operating alongside them enables your team to learn new approaches and strategies that could ultimately have a positive impact on your business.

The Truspace approach for designing coworking spaces consists of finding ways to facilitate these interactions through the workspace layout. We make sure to create a cohesive environment that makes everyone feel comfortable when sharing their working area with others.

Increase productivity and motivation

Doing the same things every day and seeing the same people every day is a sure-fire way to decrease productivity and motivation. Being surrounded by people from other fields can improve your employees’ wellness by allowing them to meet new people and make new friendships. Besides, such a work environment provides flexibility compared to the conventional office. Coworking spaces enable employees to work outside of the traditional 9 to 5, hence increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Our coworking space designs usually include resting facilities for employees to socialize and bond. Hence, encouraging friendship and creating a pleasant work atmosphere.

A solution to your financial limitations

Renting or owning your own workspace requires a massive investment of time, money and resources from the company. The main benefit of sharing a coworking space is the ability to limit expenses. Bills are 60% to 75% percent cheaper, and occupancy costs drop by 70% or more. Businesses can save on equipment investment as well, since coworking spaces promote shared use of many resources, such as printers, copiers and stationery. Designing a collaborative workspace, therefore, helps you kill two birds with one stone, allowing you to bring your employees together in one place while avoiding the immense cost of renting an entire office space.

In summary, the emergence of coworking has induced a radical shift in the corporate world. Coworking spaces offer many advantages to employees, making them more driven and dynamic compared to people working in a typical office set-up. Cubicles and segregated work desks discourage collaboration and exacerbate cultures that foster competition when instead they should be promoting teamwork. The result is a high-stress work environment that brings joy to neither the employees nor the company.

Published by Truspace July 31, 2019