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Dec 05, 2019 Truspace

Decorating your office for the holidays

With the holiday season approaching and the year rounding to a close, finding the right balance of fun, festive, and professional can be a challenge when decorating. Below is a list of helpful tips and tricks to decorate your office space in a whimsical yet productive way!


First things first when decorating is to ensure your space continues to be safe while also being fun for the holidays.

  • Ensure no decorations pose a tripping hazard, blockages, or possible fire hazards.
  • Unplug all lights/electrical decorations and such at the end of the workday.
  • Keep your decorations friendly to all by minimizing scents, some may have allergies or intolerance to different odors.
  • To provide a friendly and inviting environment for everyone, keep it festive, but neutral.
  • This time of year, there are so many different celebrations happening, you want to include everyone in your office and be inclusive of all celebrations.


A lot goes into the design and functionality of a workplace, ensuring your decorations flow with that design will make the whole space feel thought-out and purposeful. You do not want to be distracted from decorations.

  • Consider the color scheme or scale to match your space.
  • Loud music or flashing lights may not be fun after the first few minutes and will make it harder for everyone else to concentrate.
  • Consider small centerpieces, low profile garlands, or a fun festive sweater to show off your special seasonal side; live reindeer, while cute, may make it hard to finish your end of year reporting when you have to stop to feed and walk them.
  • Try decorating your wall panels or desk area with festive paper or gift wrap to show off your personality.
  • Try adding bows in coordinating colors to the coffee machine or other office appliances in your lunch area, or try turning the fridge into a snowman!
  • Window clings also work well on whiteboards, snowflakes in the corners or decorating titles will give you room to write notes and still decorate!

However, you choose to decorate your office for the holidays, share the cheer with your co-workers, and remember to have a safe holiday.

Seasons Greetings!

Published by Truspace December 5, 2019