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May 14, 2020 Truspace

COVID-19: Safe Re-Opening

Resource For Office Re-opening_Truspace 2020

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With businesses making temporary transitions to fully remote teams, uncertainty hovers around whether offices are becoming obsolete. However, it’s obvious that offices are still serving as an important and centralized point for businesses.

Offices are a space where employees can strengthen relationships and companies can stand together in solidarity. They are a hub for togetherness, encouraging innovation, connectedness and the unification of new ideas. It’s safe to say office life is not dead, but we will need to re-think the way we approach a regular day on site. Habits that were once overlooked and appropriated as norms will need to be re-examined and exchanged for a new lifestyle, supporting worker health and safety. Your office should be a conducive space where employees can come to leave their best work, without distractions and concerns for their well being. Rethinking business as usual starts with your office. How will you create a space that keeps productivity high, workflows fluent and employees at ease, all while adhering to government healthcare guidelines? In the following pages, we’ve outlined our top expert insights and recommendations for designing your office in a post-COVID-19 existence.


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Published by Truspace May 14, 2020