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Sep 21, 2020 Truspace

Advantages of Hybrid Working – post-COVID-19

The hybrid working model has seen a rapid increase in adoption since the aftereffects of the recent pandemic. Companies who were once against remote working have been forced to find new compromises and ways of working. While fully co-located teams (teams all working from the same location) may no longer be a reasonable solution considering recent circumstances, few companies can fully accommodate remote work due to time and technological restraints.

Enter the hybrid working model. Studies show that employees desire the flexibility to work from both home and the office – as a forward and successful company, you’ll need to adapt your workspace to support the way your team works best. Hybrid Working now arises as to the new solution to both collaboration and safety.

Time Flexibility

Hybrid working monopolizes on an ongoing rotation of employees between remote and in-office work according to their tasks for the day. It uses a harmony between both flexible and remote working to create a workflow that is exponentially based around efficiency and convenience. Because hybrid working is a model that is meant to support different ways of working among one team, the model calls for advanced communication and collaboration technology to ensure uninterrupted deadlines and workflows. With the post-COVID economy left sparse and hurting, decentralized working may be crucial to rebuilding the workforce and levelling unemployment rates. For the employer, this leaves the potential for worldwide employee selection and access to global talents, while for workers, this provides a vast pool of potential job opportunities.

Space Flexibility

Hybrid working considers different ways of working including focused work, collaborative work and flex working.  Small meeting rooms and specialized areas like call booths are often available for employees to make private, personal, or focused calls. Some employees will find this familiar, especially if they’re not yet comfortable being around more people. Likewise, not everyone can work well in open offices with background noise, and the option of a phone booth caters to just that.

Next, breakout spaces, café areas and booth seating are a fun way to increase the creativity and livelihood of your workplace culture. Using bright colors and unique pieces makes common areas inviting, and exciting for employees to interact with. This is a great way to fully use your space while encouraging employees to come in and try out different work areas in the office. Now with new cleaning and masking protocols, collaborative work can be made possible once again, and your employees who crave connection will excel through this.

Lastly, some spaces should remain for employees who find the co-located model most convenient. Systems like flex desking, are a great tool in managing workstations for employees who choose to come in. By booking desks the day before, employees can house workstations for the day that are complete with necessary technology like computer monitors, keyboards and a mouse. Likewise, a system like reverse hotelling, where in-house employees offer their desks as bookable stations while on vacation, can also be a great opportunity to fully utilize your space. With proper periodic sanitation, this can be a great aspect in helping employees feel a sense of safety, routine, and normalcy.

Hybrid Working is a modern-day solution to combating underused spaces in your office, while now accommodating safety in your space. The intention of this model is to realize convenience and space utility in a way that works together to skyrocket productivity. With employees scattered between home and the office, hybrid working allows you to keep occupancy rates low, while keeping company outcomes high.

Truspace is a leader in commercial office design and workplace strategy across Canada. For a full assessment of your space and clarity on next steps of renovation your space into a hybrid workplace, contact us to book a free consultation of your space.

Published by Truspace September 21, 2020