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Oct 09, 2021 Truspace

6 Steps to Successfully Open a New Office

Despite all of the uncertainties in recent times, Canada remains popular for tech startups and companies looking to relocate. The diverse, technologically advanced economy and support for startups attract tech companies from all around the world. 

And whether you are opening a new branch office, moving your company to Canada, or starting up a brand new company, certain steps will make your project simpler and more successful.

Here are six steps to successfully opening a new office in Canada:

Plan Your Vision 

Before you start planning your office, you should first work out how the new office fits into your company structure. 

Consider what type of culture the office will represent and what it will be known for. Will this office be the primary location for your company or are you opening a branch office that lies below your head office in your company hierarchy?

Also, think about how your new office will look. Will it match your current corporate design and build standards, or do you want it to have a distinctly different style to your current location?

Plan Your Budget/ Schedule 

Carefully consider the feasibility of your timeline and ensure that you build in a buffer to cover overruns.  If you are relocating to Canada, make sure that you have also considered local Canadian permit laws and the time that will be needed to apply for permits. Truspace is an expert in this area and can offer advice on making sure that you have the correct permits.

Once you have decided how your new office fits into your company vision, everything else will be determined by your budget. You should make sure that this includes costings for every element of your project and allows for a contingency fund to cover project overruns or additional costs.

Truspace’s phase 1 deliverables cover your project’s Budget, Test Fit, Schedule, and Lookbook, helping to bring efficiency and clarity to the pre-planning process. 

Find the Right Location

When you are opening a new office, location is of prime importance. If you will be receiving clients and visitors at your offices, you need to find a location that makes it easy for them to find you. You will also want to make it easy for your staff to commute to work.

Take the time to view several suitable commercial spaces so that you can find one that is as close as possible to the perfect space. Renting premises that do not need many alterations will help to reduce the cost of Leasehold Improvements.

Negotiate Your Lease

Once you have identified the right premises, it is important to carefully negotiate your lease. 

Any necessary leasehold improvements are usually covered by a clause in your lease, and you should make sure that you consider both your current requirements and your company’s future growth. Check what options your landlord offers for Tenant Improvement Allowance or for rent reductions to offset the cost of leasehold improvements. 

And make sure that you have your lease checked by an expert commercial lawyer before signing – click here to discover more issues to avoid when planning your leasehold improvements.

Consider Hybrid Working

You may want to consider hybrid working for the staff at your new office. Some may wish to work full time in the office but others might prefer to work part or all of the week from home.

There are several issues to consider when planning a hybrid office, including the technology that you will need to incorporate into the design, and the number of staff that your office will need to accommodate at any given time.

Plan Your Layout

Next, you will need to start designing your office layout, bearing in mind any tenant improvements that you are planning and the requirements you may have for hybrid working. Consider whether you would prefer an open, closed, or modular layout and any furniture, IT, and communications equipment that you need to purchase. 

It is beneficial to engage a design and build consultancy firm like Truspace to assist with this part of the process. This will help you to avoid incurring heavy design costs before you know the constructability of the project.

Working With Truspace

Working with Truspace to design your new office will help to create a beautiful and efficient workspace that meets your specific space requirements. 

Our expert designers and project managers will ensure you enjoy a no-hassle office design process, even if you are still overseas. Our strong supplier relationships and in-depth knowledge of local regulations will help you to meet your budget by avoiding expensive overruns and hidden costs.

So whether you are a tech start-up, opening a new branch office for an established business, or relocating your company from abroad, contact Truspace today to discuss your requirements.

Published by Truspace October 9, 2021