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Dec 08, 2017 Truspace

5 Reasons To Consider Redesigning Your Office Space

The work environment across Canada is changing at a rapidly increasing rate in recent years, and these changes to the workplace also calls for a change in the office design. The design and layout of your office are more than just aesthetics.

There was a time when office design was at best, a dedicated work space and not much else. Generic, to say the least. Skip forward to the millennial generation and you’ll find we are living in a day and age where office work spaces have become a life force of their own.

Flexible and engaging, today’s workplace is focused on providing employees with a sense of purpose, is adaptable and meets the ever-evolving design trends. It has never been more important for companies to climb aboard this mainstream movement.

If ever there was a time to consider an office revitalization – the time is now.

1. Attract New Talent and Energize Current Staff

Stay ahead of the game and don’t get left in the dust. The millennial employment seeker is on the hunt for innovative companies to utilize their talents. Likewise, your current employees will be given confidence in knowing they are part of a company that is motivated and invested in keeping pace with tomorrow’s vision.

2. Encourage Colloboration

That stuffy old office cubicle is not going to inspire anyone. Collaboration and communication are two impactful elements we see rapidly evolving in the workplace. Providing creative space for your employees to come together and share ideas promotes teamwork, increases productivity and forms a strong network throughout the company

3. Boost Staff Morale

Emphasis on the employee experience, particularly concerning health and wellness will have major influence on office design in the years ahead. Incorporating a recharge and refresh station in the workplace is a trend we’re seeing and it has some major benefits when it comes to energizing and optimizing your employees productivity. Something as simple as providing a dedicated break area, designed with comfort and leisure in mind, truly sets the tone for staff appreciation.

4. Go Green

Whether it be going paperless, incorporating a recycling system for office waste or implementing a fully certified sustainable office– an environmentally friendly workplace can be rewarding in many ways. Save money, reduce waste, increase efficiency and promote well being. Leaving a lighter environmental footprint is truly a no-fail solution and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an office space that is not already currently on trend with this green movement.

5. Keep Your Workspace Current

Office layout and design has evolved considerably, and continues to do so at an increasing rate. Adopting an agile open concept floor plan can not only free the lines for communication between departments and coworkers, but also provides room for future expansion as well.

Savvy organization systems, minimalist design and upgraded technology go a long way in improving workflow and increasing productivity. The enhanced brand perception alone will leave your current clients and potential clients reassured they are dealing with a company that is flourishing and forward thinking.

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Published by Truspace December 8, 2017