Waygar Capital

Waygar Capital, Commerce Court, 25 King St West, Toronto ON

Waygar Capital is a Canadian lender that provides financial solutions to mid-market companies. 

When Waygar Capital began its search for a new contractor to build out their new King Street office, they needed someone to provide them a full turn-key solution and provide functional design while keeping in mind the budget. With approaching deadline and the need for an experienced vendor to execute the project, Waygar capital reached out to the local Trusapce Toronto office. Our ability to steer within the boundaries of the budget while ensuring beautiful interior aesthetics, and functional design. Truspace completed the project with flying colors and created a space that is functional and affective for Waygar Capitals internal and external stakeholders. 

The space gives a whole new definition to contemporary-vintage fusion. Entering the lobby of the building you are met with old tiles and colorful marbles- embedded within it the 90 years of history. Contrasting beautifully when you enter the workspace on the 17th floor – into a world of modern lights, furniture, and amazing artwork. 

If you want a complete tour of the space, please use the link-


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