Oakville, Ontario

Procor is a Canadian company producing railway shipping cars. It is Canada’s largest private rail car rental fleet, with more than 21,000 conventional and special-purpose tank and freight cars. The company occupied two buildings in proximity of each other distributing several departments and workshop.

This office arrangement created a dysfunctional setup filled with distance and miscommunications between departments, resulting in a reduction in productivity. Procor found a new 1-storey flex building on the outskirts of Oakville, borderline with Burlington. This space could resolve all of their concerns regarding inefficiencies within the company.

The client explained their company is very traditional, requiring mostly private offices with some open plan workstations. They wanted to showcase their brand throughout their new space, and take steps towards an environmentally friendly space. We achieved this by using energy-efficient lighting and DIRTT wall systems that help the environment by using products that can be reused and altered as required overtime. The design was completed by Truspace. We provided a full concept of the space including architectural elements to accentuate the quality of a great company in business, and to step right into the 21st century with this brand new and innovative design concept. Our design team was able to complete an innovative design with some elements to personalize the space to Procor with the use of forms, color, and signs throughout their space. The key features of the space include the main boardroom, open plan workstations, private offices, and cafeteria. The ceilings throughout the space were made of a combination of open ceilings, T-bar ceilings and decorative drywall bulkheads in the private offices. The lighting was zoned to be on an automated daylight savings system.


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