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Office Floor Plans

Office floor plans are a type of drawing that show the layout of your workspace from above. The plan illustrates the location of doors, windows, stairs, elevators, and walls, as well as bathrooms, meeting areas, and kitchen areas. An office floor plan also displays the layout of office furniture, conference rooms, and any millwork. The plan is drawn to a scale to indicate the size of the rooms and the length of the walls in the office.
Whether your office is large or small, we will help you see your options more clearly, allowing you to create an effective and productive office layout.


Office Floor Planning

For office planning, a floor plan is needed to make sure you can accommodate all of your employees and any additional workspaces they may need, like meeting rooms. This is vital if you are in search of a new office location or planning an office move, to ensure the space meets your criteria.
When conducting office floor planning, our office floor plan designers will help you consider the size and purpose of your furnishings to utilize the workspace as effectively as possible. There are two types of office floor planning:

2D Office Floor Planning
This type of office floor plan provides you with a simple and clear overview of your office; you can observe the rooms, walls, and circulation. This type of plan is also beneficial when figuring out the office furniture layout and seating plans. Creating a 2D office floor plan is the perfect way to begin any office planning project.

3D Office Floor Planning
This plan takes your office floor planning to the next level. With this plan, you can view the color, size, texture, and furnishings of your future workspace. You can also get a better visual sense of the scale and proximity of objects in that space. As such, 3D office floor planning is the best way to showcase office design ideas.

Commercial Floor Plans

Truspace has the most skilled floor plan designers out there, and our commercial floor plans are comprised of different styles that are unique in every sense. We offer our clients customized floor plans that are specially designed for their budget and requirements in mind. Truspace’s customized approach to design allows our clients to select the floor plan that is best suited to their current needs and future growth.
When we design office floor plans, our technical team of commercial floor plan designers discuss each aspect with the client, from comfort to budget. This means they can experience complete satisfaction, all the way from the planning stage through to completion. Our skilled technical team handles every project efficiently and professionally.
The smaller commercial floor plans are usually provided as one or two units for the offices, while the large commercial floor plans are created for many workspaces in the same building.
Our floor plans are designed to satisfy the different needs of our clients, whether they be offices, banks, health care centers, or small businesses. We accommodate a huge range of business requirements and demands with our commercial floor plans. Our thorough planning is the reason we can stay within a client’s budget and perform a timely completion with every project. Truspace commercial floor plans are available in different sizes, designs, and styles. We work with our clients throughout all aspects of the floor planning process, from choosing the perfect flooring and controlling prices to producing blueprint layouts – all so we can create the perfect custom flooring design. We also offer our clients the opportunity to participate in project meetings so that they can review and provide input on the construction process.

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