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Office Renovations

Truspace is a leading renovations company providing services in Canada with just one aim: to solve all your office renovation requirements professionally and expertly. We are a rapidly growing, dynamic company with remarkable hands-on experience in remodeling offices.
Whether it’s a simple repair job or the renovation of your entire office or commercial building, we do it all. With a skilled and rigorously trained team on board, we are a one-stop solution to all your office renovation needs and requirements. Office renovation is a tricky job but with our assistance, it can be a seamless process.


Office Renovation Planning

Office renovation planning is essential to ensure that your workspace is safe for employees, as well as making it a more inviting and collaborative place. Below, we’ve laid out some important steps for your office renovations planning.


Goal Identification for Office Remodeling

Before we begin with your office renovations, we make sure to set goals and have your endgame in our mind.


Office Space Evaluation

Once we have the perfect team in place, we will not begin with the renovations just yet. Instead, we wait until your office has been inspected for lead, mold, asbestos, and other toxic substances that may be hiding in your walls. This step may be judicious, but it is important to both your health and potential next steps.


Designing the new Office Space

After the evaluation of your workspace, we refer to the corporate remodel goal while also communicating your requirements in writing to the stakeholders so that there is a paper trail. We will make sure it is specific and clear.


Communicating the Plan to Employees

We believe that office renovation strategies need to be communicated to your employees as soon as possible. They need to be involved in the design phase for the most accuracy.


Start with the Renovation Process

After we have completed all the above steps, it is time for us to begin the renovation process. One important thing to remember is to keep your communication line open for when we want to provide updates on the progress being made.

Our Commercial Interior Renovation Process

Create, Construct, Complete
Our aim is to optimize your space while increasing productivity and well-being in your employees. Our commercial renovations process ensures that your project is well-managed, thus avoiding disruption and promoting cost-effectiveness.
Whether you want to start from scratch or renovate your existing commercial space into an area that speaks success, attracts stakeholders, retains key individuals and sparks productivity, we can help you.


Work Assessment

We believe that every commercial space is unique and requires a bespoke commercial interior that is well-suited to its needs. We do not have a one size fits all approach to commercial construction and renovation. We take the time to truly comprehend the needs of our clients and how they have been utilizing their current workspace. We then work together on the project ahead, discussing and sharing ideas to get the ideal result.


Understanding of the Client

We work in close proximity with our clients to design a new workplace that perfectly fits not only their present needs, but also their plans for future growth.


Implementing Finishing Touches

These bring your workspace together and are carefully chosen with the client’s preference - and budget - in mind.


Realization of Design Concepts

Upon approval of the design concept, we can take you on a tour with 2D sketches, 3D renderings, and VR that show you your future space before proceeding with construction.


Building the new Commercial Space

All the conceptual work and designing up to this point is transformed into technical drawings that the construction team uses to bring your office renovations to life. We take care of everything for our clients, including construction, furniture installation and move management, so that the entire procedure runs smoothly from the start to finish.

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