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TruSpace is changing the way office design build is performed in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. We define, design and build creative work spaces that will engage your employees and unlocks the full potential of your workplace.

Best of all, we take care of everything. No more hassle dealing with the logistics of managing multiple contractors – we do it all on time and budget while been inspired by contemporary office design trends.

Whether you are renovating an existing office or looking to fit-out a brand new workspace, Truspace works with you to build a sophisticated office space that will boost productivity, attract and retain key talent and send the right message to visiting clients.

Our in-house team of commercial interior designers bring to the table extensive office design experience and have a true understanding of how good office design can reduce real estate costs by effectively utilizing all of your office space.

Our Office Design Concept Process

Truspace is at the forefront of office design build across Canada, and we have more than 30 years of experience building innovative work spaces for a wide range of clients from a wide variety of industries.

When you choose TruSpace to design, create and build your custom office interior we follow our proven five-step process. This not only helps us understand how your employees are currently using your office space and the needs of your business, but allows us to create the perfect office space for you that will motivate your staff, boost their productivity and improve workplace communication.

We efficiently manage our projects, and our services will meet your deadlines and match all your business requirements with no hidden fees.

Step 1 – We Assess How You Work

Only after we have a true understanding of your business will we start work on your office build project. We take the time to learn about the goals and objectives of your business and conduct a thorough analysis of your workplace and how your employees are utilizing it. This detailed research helps us create the ideal space that will motivate your staff and boost productivity.

Step 2 – We Work Closely With You To Design your New Workplace

Once we have a complete understanding of your business, we will continue to work closely with you as we develop a concept that fits your company’s current needs but also looks at the future needs of your business.

Step 3 – Adding The Finishing Touches

Our team of in-house commercial interior designers now start the process of picking the finishing touches for your office space. Colors, textures, fabrics, finishes and furniture are all chosen with your preferences and budget in mind. We also plan out where each element will exist in your new office space so we can ensure we are making optimal use of your costly office space.

Step 4 – We Give You A Virtual Tour

Once the design is approved, we create a digital rendering of your new office so you can become familiar with it before we even start construction.

Step  5 – We Build Your New Office Space

All the design and conceptual work that has been completed up to this point are turned into technical drawings that the TruSpace team uses to bring your custom workspace to life. Our unique design build concept ensures we take care of everything including construction, installation, furniture and move management to ensure nothing gets overlooked and everything goes smoothly.

We Create Custom Commercial Office Design Concepts

We believe that every business requires a workspace that fits the needs of both employees and the company. We understand that different industries have different needs and there is no one size fits all when it comes to office design, so we work alongside you to develop a sophisticated office space based on the needs of your business.

We have experience working with clients in all types of industries, both big and small, from manufacturing, IT to accounting and healthcare.


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