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 Forward Thinking Solutions to
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Workplace strategies and building technology are constantly evolving. To attract and retain tenants, the buildings themselves need to keep pace with these changes – or risk becoming obsolete.

To provide their occupants greater flexibility and a choice of when and where they can work, progressive companies are embracing a range of workplace solutions, both within their existing tenancies and external support space opportunities. These new ways of working, and their implications on office space, include:

  • Activity Based Working provides office staff with a choice of settings for different work activities.
  • Coworking is a business services provision model to create innovative, collaborative, and community-driven workspaces that move beyond traditional work environments.
  • On-demand Spaces are paid for on an as-used basis – allowing employers to more easily manage and respond to changes in demand.
  • Hoteling is the short-term provision of office space to a temporary worker.

Benefits of Repositioning for Building Owners

With more businesses looking to adopt agile workplace strategies, buildings that are equipped
with the necessary amenities will be in high demand – resulting in tenants who are prepared to pay a premium for the space.

When an office building can’t accommodate new workplace practices, it risks further downgrades,
longer vacancy periods, or reduced rental returns.

Successfully upgrading a building’s services and activating its common areas will lead to a broader
tenant pool, improve the overall rental achieved, and increase the capitalization rate of the building – ultimately providing incremental value uplift to owners.

The internal rate of return on investment on these upgrades varies depending on a project’s circumstances, but is typically between 10-20% a year.

Our streamlined approach

By offering a single point of contact, the Truspace team simplifies the design/build process, reduces risk, and adheres to your budget and timelines.

We get the big picture

Working on every detail of your project means we don’t prioritize one element of the process over another. From office layout to electrical needs to furniture – every stage is as crucial as the next.

We get to know you

Instead of assuming we know what’s best for you, we really get to know your business and its people. This intimate understanding helps us deliver a tailored solution that’s authentic to the goals, vision, and values of your organization.

Our people

We choose employees who truly live our corporate values – meaning you’ve got a curious, passionate, innovative, dedicated and courageous team working on your project.

Our solid relationship with suppliers

As a full-service design and build company, we maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and tradespeople. We enjoy a mutual trust and respect with them, and you enjoy the results.

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