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Commercial Interior Design

A Fresh Approach To Commercial Interior Design In Canada

For over 30 years, Truspace has been offering creative commercial interior design services in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. We deliver bespoke all -inclusive commercial office design services. You no longer have to deal with the stress and hassle of multiple contractors – we do it all efficiently, affordably and with an eye to modern office design trends that will serve your business well for many years to come.

You can start from scratch or reimagine your current work environment with the interior design that boosts productivity and attracts the right talent.

When you work with us, we look after every aspect of the office build from start to finish, meaning you only require one point of contact – us. Our ultimate goal is to create custom, sophisticated work spaces for our clients that help their businesses reach their full potential and attracts and retain top talent.

 Our 5 Step Process

We have a proven 5 step process we use when creating unique commercial interiors across Canada, which is guaranteed to leave you and your employees happy. Firstly, we like to understand truly how your people use your current workspace. Our in-house workplace consultants use tried, tested and trusted workplace analysis techniques to give us a true picture of your business.

Step 1 – We Assess How You Work

We take a hard look at your organization’s strengths, challenges, and future aspirations. We look at how your employees are utilizing the space around them and using data analysis and our workplace experience we design an office space plan that provides a good starting point to creating a better more healthy, productive workplace that will help meet your business objectives.

Step 2 – We Work Closely With You To Design your New Workplace

Once our workplace experts fully understand how your business works based on the knowledge gained during our workplace consultation, we start working on the visual concept for your new work environment. We look closely at how each element will work together to support your organization’s needs, your people, and your culture.

Step 3 – Adding The Finishing Touches

Our In-house team now selects the finishing touches that will complete your new workspace. Complementary colors, textures, fabrics, finishes, furniture and decorative enhancements are picked with your preferences and budget in mind. We also plan out where each element will live in your new office space with a goal of optimizing the use of space.

Step 4 – We Give You A Virtual Tour

After you approve the design concept, we create a digital rendering of your new office so you can take a virtual tour of the new space and see how it looks before the start of construction

Step  5 – We Build Your New Office Space

All the design and conceptual work completed up to this point are turned into technical drawings that our in-house project management team uses to bring your new workplace to life. We manage all aspects of the build process including construction, installation, furniture and move management to ensure the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish.

We Design Innovative Commercial Interior Spaces Across Canada

Are you ready to see your new office space? Book your no-obligation free design consultation and site plan today.

At Truspace, we believe every business is unique and requires a custom commercial interior design based on the needs of your business and the people who work there. Your business is unique, so it stands to reason that your office space should be too.

By combining our years of office design experience, and our in-depth understanding of your business and culture we can create a sophisticated workplace that will help your business reach its full potential.


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