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Who We Are

Commercial Interior Design Experts

We Create Inspirational Office Interiors

We work alongside our clients to deliver inspirational office interiors across Canada. We
believe the right workspace helps increase productivity, drives colloboration, attracts and
retains top talent, and unlocks the full potential of your workspace.

By familiarizing ourselves with the intricacies of our clients’ businesses, we can unleash
our curiosity and creativity on every commercial design build project we face. Thanks
to our proven single source solution, everything is looked after by us, so you don’t have
to worry. Plus we work within your ideal timeline and budget. After the job is
completed, you will be truly amazed by the new motivating workplace your
people get to work in.

Our team features commercial interior design professionals that have comprehensive
knowledge and 30+ years of experience in their fields. Take a look at some of
our recent work and client stories.


Our Design Process

Whether you are starting your office workplace design from scratch or looking to upgrade your current workplace, Truspace has a proven 5 step plan we use to completely satisfy all of your office build needs..

Step 1 – We Assess How You Work

We take a look at what your current space is, get an understanding of how it is being utilized, what your company goals are and then talk about how your space can be upgraded.

Step 2 – We Work Closely With You To Design Your New Workplace

Having a complete picture of your business allows us to draw up a design that fills you company’s needs at the moment and in the future.

Step 3 – Adding The Finishing Touches

Our workplace design experts select the colors, textures, furniture, fabrics that will work in your space. We plan out where each component will be in your office workplace in accordance with your preferences and budget.

Step 4 – We Give You A Virtual Tour

After you approve our design, we will take you on a virtual tour of your office workplace design so you can get used to it before we start construction.

Step  5 – We Build Your New Office Space

All the design work accomplished up to this point is made into technical drawings which our team uses to build your new workplace. We take care of everything from construction and installation to all the move details to make the process easy from beginning to end.

Commercial Interiors Tailored to Your Needs

We enjoy taking a customized approach to making your office workplace look the very best it can. Your business is unique, so when we create your office workplace design, it fits your business’s needs.

At Truspace, we have a highly talented team that has extensive experience designing and building offices for manufacturing, industrial, ICT, accounting, IT, legal and many other professional businesses big and small.

By merging this experience, with the results of our comprehensive understanding of your business and culture, we can unravel the full potential of your workplace.


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