Who We Are

National Design Firm

TruSpace Is A National Design Firm Creating Sophisticated Office Spaces Across Canada

TruSpace is national design firm providing a fresh approach to the way office design build is performed across Canada. We define, design and create inspiring, unique workspaces using an all-inclusive approach that means we take care of everything in the process, so you don’t have to.

At TruSpace, we have pooled the best team of experienced interior national design experts to draw upon. We take the time to understand the needs of your business, aiming to uncover your company’s strengths, challenges and goals to deliver a unique office space that will release the full force of your people’s talent.

Weather you are starting your office build design from scratch or seeking to transform your current workspace, we know how to do it and do it well, creating spaces that inspire and motivate.

We will work closely with you, from project inception to completion to ensure that all your requirements are met. We fully manage your workplace project, to deliver it on time, on budget and as promised, so you can rest easy knowing everything’s been taken care of.

Our 5 Step National Design Firm Process:

When you choose Truspace to design and build your bespoke office interior, we have a proven 5 step process in place. This process helps us to understand the needs of your business and create the perfect office space that will inspire your employees, boost their productivity, improve collaboration and help to attract and retain key employees.

Step 1 – We Assess How You Work

We spend a considerable amount of time gaining a deep understanding of your company – from its aspirations and needs to it’s people and culture. We uncover how you are using your space currently and learn how each area is utilized. We then work closely with you to discuss and develop ideas on how it can be improved upon.

Step 2 – We Work Closely With You To Design your New Workplace

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business, we will continue to work closely with you to design a concept that will fit your company’s immediate needs and also understands what you may need in the future.

Step 3 – Adding The Finishing Touches

Our expert team of interior designers now start to select the finishing touches for your new office space. Colors, textures, fabrics, finishes and furniture is all selected at this stage and picked inline with your preferences and budget in mind.

Step 4 – We Give You A Virtual Tour

Once you have looked over the design concept, we create a digital rendering that will take you on a virtual tour of your national office space so you can truly imagine how the finished space will look before construction starts.

Step  5 – We Build Your New Office Space

All of the completed design and conceptual work completed up to this point is turned into technical drawings that our team of professionals use as the blueprint to bring your unique work space to life. Our innovative design build concept means we take care of everything including construction, installation, furniture and all the move details that will ensure the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish.

We Design National Office Spaces Made To Fit Your Businesses Needs

At TruSpace, we believe that every business requires a workspace that fits the needs of both the business and the people who work there. That is why we always take a customized approach for each office build project we undertake. Your business is unique, so it stands to reason that your office space should be too.

We have a highly creative and experienced team that has extensive experience designing and building offices for manufacturing, industrial, ICT, accounting and many other professions both big and small.


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