Truspace Design Firm

Calgary, Alberta

The Truspace office relocated their office space to a suite on the main floor of the Vintage Park Complex. Space is separated but still shares some amenities such as the meeting rooms and printer area. The Truspace and the main kitchen have an open ceiling concept with acoustic suspended hexagon ceiling panels. Our open-concept seating arraignment is conducive to frequent collaboration between departments. We have various sized meeting areas built with Artopex glass & reliable wall system, and we boast a putting green in our spacious kitchen area.

To provide GWB bulkheads & ceiling over the Artopex wall systems in advance of receiving the walls. We needed to provide hold to dimension to Artopex to fabricate from. The floors sloped in various locations and the dimension provided was at a low point in the floor. The walls arrived too high in many locations.

The pre-built bulkheads were raised where possible, or the GWB was removed altogether along the upper tracks of the walls. We managed to squeeze those suckers in and installed trim around the top of the track and painted this out black to match the frames of the walls.




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