Toronto, Ontario

FirstService Corporation is a North American leader in the essential property services sector with approximately 24,000 employees across North America. As the company expanded, it was necessary to relocate to a new Toronto office to house its ongoing operational growth. Truspace was asked to collaborate with the FirstService Corporation steering committee to create an aesthetically contemporary corporate office environment that not only focused on operational functionality and workspace collaboration, but also reflected FirstService Corporation’s core corporate philosophy of service excellence culture.

Truspace followed its detailed and comprehensive design-build process to transform FirstService Corporation’s vision into reality. The mutually beneficial collaboration between FirstService Corporation’s steering committee and Truspace Project Team resulted in the creation of a multifunctional work environment. It includes an exceptional reception area that reflects the company’s branding and culture, highly functional formal meeting spaces to facilitate the importance of collaboration and teamwork and a casual kitchen for employees to build interpersonal relationships with coworkers.

For this project, it was necessary to utilize glass office fronts to maximize natural light throughout the work environment and create an open and spacious atmosphere, as well as make the space look more spacious. To create agility and increased functionality, movable wall systems and barn-style doors were introduced to maximize workflow efficiency throughout the office space.


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